Dogs Who Have More Money Than Us: The Rich Dogs of Instagram

Rich Dogs of Instagram (Rich Dogs of Instagram).

If you're familiar with the Rich Kids of Instagram phenomenon, you know what we mean when we talk about rich dogs of Instagram - the canine version of the aforementioned Instagram trend that has taken the world by storm. So let's see how the dogs who have more money than us and who post their photos under the tag #richdogsofig (Rich Dogs of Instagram) enjoy themselves.

We present to you a new trend on the popular social network Instagram - the rich dogs of Instagram (Rich Dogs of Instagram), found on Instagram under the tag #richdogsofig. Dog version rich kids of Instagram (Rich Kids of Instagram) is super fun and definitely worth our attention. Especially in gray weather, when every reason to smile comes in handy... In the gallery, check out the Instagram photos of rich dogs of Instagram (Rich Dogs of Instagram), who bathe in piles of money, lounge by luxury pools and drive the most expensive cars in the world... yes, this they are the happiest dogs in the world, ahem, Instagram.

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