Don't believe everything they tell you: the 3 worst love advice you'll ever hear

Don't believe everything they tell you: the 3 worst love advice you'll ever hear

Better think with your head instead of blindly believing the advice of people whose goal is to destroy your happiness - these are the 3 worst love advices you will hear!

It's okay to listen now and then, what wiser and more experienced people have to say, because you might hear some advice that will come in handy. You know what they say, more heads know more, but this is definitely not a golden rule that you should blindly follow... when it comes to love, you will have to listen to your heart, intuition and the fact how your relationship works.

Nowhere does it say yes you have to listen to every instruction, especially when it comes to love advice that can ruin your chances of a healthy and long relationship. Think carefully about what you're going to do, before you decide to listen to other people's opinions.

The 3 worst love advices you will hear:

"You have to find Mr. Perfect."

No one in this world is perfect. Everyone has their flaws, so it's not realistic to expect to meet a person who will perfectly meet your expectations. But you can find Mr. Good Enough, who is perfect for you and will satisfy those most important things.

A relationship is based on compromise and sacrifice. Just as your loved one will have to accept some of your shortcomings, you too will have to accept the fact that he is the way he is and you are ready to love him nonetheless.

"You have to find Mr. Perfect."
"You have to find Mr. Perfect."

"Wait 3 days after the date before writing to him."

How many times have you heard that a woman shouldn't be the first to answer? That you should wait for his call or message because it is not appropriate for you to follow him like a dog?

If you had a great time, miss him and want to have more with him, there's no reason to wait. Why not make it clear to him that you want him? With a message of gratitude, you will show that you are grateful for a pleasant evening, but at the same time you will not act like a desperate housewife. In this way, you will also encourage him to take a step further.

"You also have to play a little."

It is quite clear that no one will show their true face in the first meeting. You will probably keep some things quiet because you will be afraid of his reaction or because you will want to remain secretive.

However! How will you enter into a sincere relationship with someone if you are not sincere? No need to play. Be who you are, within the limits of common sense. You don't want to over-age it, do you?

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