Each astrological sign behaves differently when it comes to cheating

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If you suspect that your partner may be unfaithful, the behavioral characteristics of their astrological sign can help you determine if this is the case.

When it comes to love and relationships, trust in your relationship and your partner is the foundation of love.

But once that trust is broken, especially through something like infidelity, it's nearly impossible to rebuild. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell if someone is being honest with you or not.

Or not, check out what astrology has to say about it.

Aries: Stops showing physical affection

Aries are the most passionate lovers of all signs. When it comes to romance and showering loved ones with affection, no one does it like them.


Aries will captivate you with their charm and treat you like you are the only person in the world. So, if you notice that you're getting fewer goodbye kisses in the morning, or that they're not into cuddling in front of the TV, it could be a sign that your Aries' affections have moved on to someone else.

Taurus: does not ask you for advice and opinion

Bulls are hard to understand at first, but once they get to know you better, they tend to open up. Once this stubborn earth sign finds a partner they want to be with for the long haul, you can bet they'll ask for your advice and opinion on just about anything.

Taurus wants a partner whose opinion they value and trust, so it may be time to worry if you suddenly feel like they have everything under control without your help. There's a good chance they're looking to someone else for those answers.

Gemini: He hides his phone

These chatty and social signs are constantly expanding their circle of friends. When you find yourself in a relationship with them, they are like an open book and love to share their thoughts. You can expect a lot of jokes and silly photos.


However, if you notice that your partner has suddenly become very secretive and hides his phone, it may be a cause for concern. Chances are they are hiding some hot messages they don't want you to see.

Cancer: has a defensive attitude and rejects everything that does not suit him

Dating a Cancer is like dating your best friend. These gentle and caring people are known for their patience, which makes them excellent life partners. No matter what obstacles you face, you can always count on him to be there for you.

If your usually warm and loving partner suddenly becomes cold or even dismissive, they may be directing their attention and emotions elsewhere.

Leo: puts more effort into your appearance

Dating a Leo is not for the faint of heart. These rulers of the scene attract attention wherever they go and love to be at the center of parties. Despite everything, they are loyal. When they love you, they make you feel like you are the center of their universe.


But if he feels unappreciated, he will go into someone else's arms. Perhaps you should be concerned if you notice that they spend more time without you and put more effort into their appearance.

Virgo: They suddenly changed the schedule

Virgos are practical in their approach to love and very predictable in their relationships. What makes a relationship with a Virgo so enjoyable is that you always know what to expect. When they say they will do something, you can trust that they will do it without warning.

They don't change their routines often and tend to stick to the same habits, hobbies and daily schedule. So if your partner is suddenly not where he said he would be, or there's been an unexplained change in his schedule, there's a chance he might be looking to change things and the status of the relationship.

Libra: He is hypercritical of your relationship

Libra is the sign of relationships. As a fair and balanced sign, they know how to make people feel noticed and special. They always seem to know the right thing to say, making them one of the best long-term partners of any sign.


No one understands how important it is to encourage your loved ones and cheer them on like a scale. So, if you notice that your Libra partner criticizes you or suddenly discovers a hundred problems in your otherwise harmonious relationship, he may be trying to justify his behavior.

Scorpio: stop convincing you about the details

Scorpios are mysterious conquerors. Although their water sign energy gives them a deep emotional side, it takes a lot of trust to open up to someone. However, once they are in a relationship, they will be able to open up to you quickly and you will become their advisor in a way. They almost cannot help but share every detail of their dreams and desires with those they love the most.

But if you suddenly feel out of touch with everything that's going on in their life, they may not be telling you the whole story because they're going to tell it to someone else.

Sagittarius: They stop posting photos together

Sagittarians are fun, cheerful and spontaneous lovers. And when this fire sign finds a partner who shares their passions, it can be the greatest adventure of all. When they are in love, it is to be expected that they will share many photos of your moments together on social media.


But if they stop posting them, this is a warning that a new person is appearing in their life. And they don't want him to know that you still exist in their life.

Capricorn: rejects major joint purchases

Capricorns are slow to get into long-term relationships. For this practical sign, love is an investment in the future like anything else. And while that doesn't sound romantic, it's a great way to build a life with someone. When you are in a relationship with a Capricorn, he will give you everything in the world, no matter the cost.

But if they seem hesitant about making a major purchase together that you've already discussed - be on the lookout. They may wish to pool their assets with someone else.

Aquarius: prefers to spend time with friends

Aquarius is the sign of friendship. Once you win their heart, they will quickly introduce you to their friends. In a romantic relationship with an Aquarius, you can expect to feel like you're dating your best friend, and with that comes lots of nights out with people close to them.


But if they start insisting on going out alone or hanging out with friends without you, there's a chance they've found someone else.

Pisces: There is emotional distance

Pisces fantasize about love. Sweet, sensitive and emotional, they are not afraid to open their hearts and share their most intimate thoughts with their partner. Pisces know how to show their partner that they are loved, whether it's affectionate nicknames or wanting to share all their secrets with you.

If they suddenly lack their usual warmth and emotional openness, it may be time to worry.

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