Elegance and sophistication: How to create "old money" style in your home without high costs

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Old money is a new-old interior design trend that is being used by more and more young people.

Old money is a synonym for inherited wealth within a family that is passed down through the generations. So it is a series of objects that we inherit and hold not only value, but also our family heritage. The concept of this unique interior style dates back to the days when wealth was passed down from generation to generation.

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Old money style is therefore an organized collection of treasures that have stood the test of time, each piece being part of family history. It is a design approach that draws inspiration from elements of past eras such as rich materials of leather, velvet, silk, hardwood, pompous curtains, magnificent chandeliers, antiques, paintings and portraits. The style tells the story of family heritage through rich fabrics and decoration. Each object reminds us of something or someone and weaves the family history through the legacy.

Although this design style appeared towards the end of the 19th century, during the economic boom, it only developed and adapted to new trends over the years. Nowadays, it is also extremely popular among young people.

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How to achieve Old money style?

  • Different fabrics, textures and shades.
  • A harmonious color scheme for every room.
  • Balanced texture, as well as colors and patterns
  • Items with an emotional connection or personal meaning.
  • Family collections, antiques and framed oil paintings for nostalgia.
  • Addition of new modern items that have sentimental value.

Choice of colors for Old money

Colors define interior design more than we actually think. It is the color combinations that combine centuries of classicism with modern trends. You can choose between classic black and white, between burgundy and bluish shades. Navy blue shades and warm neutral colors such as beige and cream also come into consideration. Deep green shades of moss or seaweed are also in trend.

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Objects with which you enrich the space

  • Classical works of art: framed oil paintings and sculptures
  • Family heirlooms: items with sentimental value
  • Different patterns in retro style: floral motifs, stripes, tartan and check
  • Large mirrors: for the look of a luxurious hall or living room
  • Old books and maps
  • Wood trim: detailed, polished wood elements for a touch of warmth
  • Oriental rugs: Elaborate, hand-woven rugs with intricate patterns
  • High quality materials: marble, natural brass, mahogany, walnut and ebony
  • Rich fabrics: silk, velvet, brocade, damask, curtains or leather upholstery
  • Old furniture: wooden wardrobes, Chesterfield sofa, etc.

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