Every 7 years the universe changes your destiny: THESE are the years when the most challenges, problems and changes await you

When in your life do you experience the most changes and problems?

Have you ever run into an old friend or acquaintance who you didn't recognize? Maybe the reverse happened to you, and people failed to recognize you because you are a completely changed person today? But can humans really change so much and why?

Some research or theories say that drastic changes occur in the life of every person for 7 years. At that time, our inner state changes, as well as our surroundings, and all these changes greatly affect us. Every 7 years, changes are supposed to occur in the universe and in the movement of energy. Any change to the latter it affects our personality, our desires, ambitions and relationships. Every 7 years we are faced with different challenges. So, for example, you should have fewer problems and trials in the first cycle than in the third or seventh.

Life is said to change in seven-year cycles.
Life is said to change in seven-year cycles.

When we succeed in overcoming all the obstacles from each cycle, we are richer for one lesson or important experience, which increases our confidence and strengthens us. A person who lives this way for more than 84 years has the "privilege" of going through all the seven-year cycles.

The biggest life changes and turbulence await us at 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 56, 63, 70, 77 and 84 years. Every seven-year ordeal to overcome is part of our spiritual journey. Just listen to your inner voice and get ready for a new seven-year cycle in your life. Eventually, you will realize that all the struggles were worth it!

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