Famous Slovenian women about Christmas gifts

What gifts will famous Slovenian women give to their loved ones this year and which gifts do they enjoy the most? We asked comedian Ana Maria Mitič and our top models Sabina Remar and Iris Mulej about this.

It's December a time of gifts and giving our loved ones, to whom we want to give something beautiful, something that will remain in their memory and make them happy all year round. And even if we don't want to spend a lot, we can always find something nice.

Ana Marija Mitic, who we know as a comedienne without a hair on her tongue, confided in us: "There is nothing more beautiful than when a man gives a woman jewelry. This is a versatile gift that ladies are always delighted to receive. I remember receiving an unexpected gift recently, earrings, and they were a perfectly chosen gift. I myself swear by high-quality, special jewelry, so I will order gifts for my friends in the online store this year Pearl.”

Ana Marija Mitic
Ana Marija Mitic

Iris Mulej, a model, said: "I have to admit that I haven't been able to buy gifts for my loved ones this year. Usually, my mother, sister and friends present each other with some little things, this year I will choose some rings and earrings for perla.si, where they have a really varied offer and they already send everything in gift boxes. For me personally, the most important thing is that it is a gift from the heart, that it shows attention to a dear person, but absolutely not its price."

Iris Mulej
Iris Mulej

Sabina Remar she confided in us that she already has all the gifts for her loved ones ready, and she can't wait to give them away. "It's always the easiest for me to choose for women, and the online store is a big help Pearl, because I can never go wrong with jewelry, because women are very happy with it. It is a beautiful memory that you can wear again and again. I don't have any wishes in terms of gifts myself, but the most fulfilling thing for me is to be able to give gifts to my loved ones."

Sabina Remar
Sabina Remar

online shop Pearl conquered Slovenia with her jewelry, above all with very special necklaces. Its range is very versatile and includes both jewelry for ladies who swear by minimalism and elegance, as well as those who want larger, extravagant pieces of jewelry. The order is simple and fast, the customer receives it the very next day, in elegant gift boxes. So no more arranging the gift, you just have to put it under the spruce tree and wait for that lovely smile of the lady when she opens Perla's box in surprise.

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Pearl is the only or one of the few online stores in our country where it is shipping is absolutely free. Jewelry is for sale not only online, but also in Maximarket, Fashion House in Maribor and all major Modiana around Slovenia.

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