A Ferrari bathed in UV paint is sexier than girls washing a car

Ferrari California T in the UV car wash.

Most people would consider this a crime, but if you're photographer Fabian Oefner, you're allowed to spray paint a Ferrari too. Otherwise, as we have already seen with BMW and their Art Car collection, many things are allowed in the name of art. The Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars allowed a Swiss photographer to direct jets of UV paint at their brand new Ferrari California T. And damn if the car doesn't look even better!

Everyone Ferraris they act fast and like they have aerodynamic lines and the attitude is already in the genes. Project with jets of UV paint therefore, it is not just an art installation by Fabian Oefner. Neon colored drops that are in the wind tunnel in Maranello after the sheet metal of a Ferrari California T half-zele to the rhythm of the wind that blew with speed 160 km/h, namely, they emphasized the aerodynamic lines of this new octane sportsman.

Ferrari California T "vandalized" with UV paint.
Ferrari California T "vandalized" with UV paint.

The result of the project they spent on 30 gallons red, yellow and blue UV colors and 40 UV lights, is phenomenal.

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"When we think of Ferrari, it's the first thing that comes to mind design, and immediately after that speed. I wanted to visualize both," says Oefner. Before the car hit the jet of paint was practically merged with darkness, and it only began to take shape when the drops spread over its bodywork.

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