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Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana
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Paul Prudence / Untitled [bioacoustic phenomenon] / (LIVE)

Octex / (LIVE A/V)



Dot / (Immigrant Recordings, ReadWriteMusic, Far Out)

club night of the umbrella team Krunch it!!

Bassick (RDYO DJs)


Freeverse (Synaptic)


            This time, the HAIP festival offers a club night based on bass and more serious and demanding musical excursions of bioresonance frequencies and live improvised electronic music, a presentation of fresh dubstep production and an unforgettable evening in which you will hear everything from "strictly" dubstep bands to "wonky" fraternities and " laser bass" innovation!

            Paul Prudence - the special guest of the evening - is an artist and real-time visual performer who is particularly interested in the ways in which sound, space and form can be synesthetically combined into one. In Štirka's cellar, he will present a real-time video performance entitled Untitled [bioacoustic phenomenon] – a video investigation of sound-activated biological events, specifically developing morphogenetic cellular organisms that grow in response to sound vibrations. Immersed in their sonic habitat, plasmas fluctuate and chromosomal figures resonate and divide according to their own bioresonance frequencies. Sound is directly translated into visual material using methods of real-time algorithmic sound analysis, such as rhythm detection and fast Fourier (frequency) analysis, and methods of direct translation of generative sound maps into visual form using OSC-transmission (OSC: Open Sound Control).

            Octex (Jernej Marušič) - one of the most high-profile and internationally recognized Slovenian producers of electronic music - moves somewhere between club and avant-garde. His debut The ideas of Lahesna (Tehnika, 2002) is considered by many to be one of the best dub-techno albums, while with the second, Variations (rx-tx, 2005), showed a desire to push the boundaries of this sound into deeper and more experimental waters, which he continues with the third album Every Sound Tells a Story (rx-tx, 2009), with which he will perform in the form of a live performance at the closing club evening of the HAIP Festival.

            Dot (Nataša Muševič) is a producer of electronic music (mainly dubstep), singer, DJ, performer and sound technician. Together with Subeena (Sabina Plamenova), she is the co-founder of the independent dubstep music label Imminent Recordings, which in its years of operation has produced 5 music releases on vinyl and mp3s (and one digital) and was the first dubstep label in history to be run by 2 music producers. In addition to their production, Immigrant Recordings also released remixes by London dubstep producers Cyrus (Kiss FM, Rinse FM) and Elemental (HotFlush, Runtime) and Wagawaga's EP Goodbye Greens. Soon, Natasha's first CD-album will be released by Read Write Music, which, with this edition, opens its doors in Slovenia for the first time at the HAIP festival.

            Crunch it!! as a series of events with a base in the Ljubljana Klub K4 brings to the space a fresh and sound independent selection, which can best be described as an eclectic mix of various bass bands based on dubstep. If last season they expanded their horizons and looked for like-minded astronauts, who during the season lost and found each other in the depths of bass and unpredictable genre deviations, in the second part they will hope for very well-measured doses of crunchy beats and deep bass. Roof team - established all-round musicians, DJs and performers Bassick (JAMirko & Pier from the RDYO DJs collective), Sunnah and Freeverse from the Synaptic collective - remains the same, but armed with new (old) like-minded people.






Up to 24 hours: €9
Students, leaflet: €8
Others: €7



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