The fifth generation of the Morgan Aero 8 roadster turned back time again

The new Morgan Aero 8.

The fifth generation of the British roadster Morgan Aero 8 is a new car from head to toe, but in terms of design, it preserves the legacy of its predecessors. While it's still a classy Morgan first and foremost, it has many upgrades that are closer to today's times than the era from which it draws its inspiration. In it, we find elements that were shunned like the devil of the cross some time ago, but like Pinocchio's nose, the long bonnet and similar relics remain.

Fifth generation British roadster Morgan Aero 8 it flirts with the past, but at the same time has succumbed to the charms of modern technology. ABS is already one such example, as well BMW- is naturally filled partially closed differential. The chassis is also new, and the aluminum chassis, which can boast of greater strength, is here power steering, cruise control and a new steering mechanism that makes the car more responsive.

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The new Morgan Aero 8 is dedicated to eternal car romantics.
The new Morgan Aero 8 is dedicated to eternal car romantics.

The fifth Aero 8 is like that the most sophisticated Aero model (deviates the most from the minimalist philosophy) so far and will, with many "exceptions" (e.g. electronics in the chassis), come closest to the needs of most of today's drivers, who tradition it doesn't mean so much to sacrifice the technology that cars have already been equipped with over the years.

It drives him BMW's 4.8-liter V8 engine with 367 horses (273 kW), which comes paired with either a six-speed manual or s automatic transmission, which can also be "chopped" on the steering wheel. The interior, accented with wood, has also received a refresh, which is no longer a "duplin". She is richer for automatic air conditioning, but optionally you can also choose for an additional fee touch-sensitive infotainment and replace the leather seats with carbon ones. It goes into assembly in the last quarter of the year and will be available with a hard top.

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