FlashTorch Mini - a handheld torch that you can use to start a fire and cook

FlashTorch Mini flashlight

At first glance, the FlashTorch Mini is just another mini flashlight, but after you get to know its other superpowers, you could say it's going to blow your ass! With the Wicked Lasers flashlight, you can start a fire and cook pasta or fry an egg on it.

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Wicked Lasers
FlashTorch Mini
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180 €

Flashlight FlashTorch Mini is a scaled-down version of a flashlight FlashTorch (is 40 percent smaller). All of you who are already familiar with the characteristics of the aforementioned lamp know that it is not an ordinary battery.

The versatile FlashTorch Mini.
The versatile FlashTorch Mini

Even her little sister can do what her big sister can do. You can light a fire and cook a meal with its light. It measures 210 millimeters in length (original measures 293 mm), the shelf life of the bulb is 1000 hours, which produces light intensity of 2300 lumens, which is the performance of medium-sized projectors. The power of light is such that it can start a fire with it, if you place a dish on it, you can with the help of a beam of light boil water or fry an egg. Her older sister has even 'worse' characteristics. The luminous power of the FlashTorch battery amounts to 4100 lumens, the bulb lasts for several more hours.

The FlashTorch Mini has a "secret weapon".
The FlashTorch Mini has a "secret weapon".

The FlashTorch Mini boasts with a lithium-ion battery, which lasts 60 minutes at full power, but otherwise you can hope for the maximum 100 minutes light (has three brightness levels).

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Under the lamp from aluminum, heat resistant lens, and safety switch is signed Wicked Lasers, which makes powerful flashlights and lasers.

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