A glass house in New Zealand for observing the starry sky

Purepods Glass House

At Purepods, they have found an exceptional solution for everyone who loves exciting experiences and likes to watch the romantic starry sky. In New Zealand, they built a glass house whose transparency is perfect for anyone who would like to spend a day or two under the starry sky, but still in the safe shelter of glass walls.

Absolutely transparent house Purepods, surrounded by beautiful New Zealand nature, is the perfect choice for anyone who likes to try new things and would like to spend the night somewhere other than a hotel for a change. Why shut yourself up between the walls while traveling in beautiful New Zealand, when you can choose a glass house for the night, which is perfect for watching the romantic starry sky? The Purepods Glass House is located in the heart of nature and is perfect for anyone who likes to discover beautiful pieces of the world. Renting a comfortable house, which promises the most romantic night of our life, is not cheap, however, because for one night we will pay as much as 390 US dollars.

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