Hackrod La Bandita: the world's first virtually created and 3D-printed “speedster”.

Hackrod 'La Bandita'

Hackrod 'La Bandita' is the world's first car developed in a virtual reality environment, refined with the help of artificial intelligence and created with the help of 3D printing.

'La Bandita' is a roadster that comes from an ultramodern Californian company Hackrod. Siemens is also participating in the project, with its digital innovation platform enables individuals, startups, and others to create products by own wishes and needs. And with such simplicity, as if you were playing a video game. The company Hackrod already has a lot of experience in the digital world and sees the future of the automotive industry in its own way.

'La Bandita' certainly looks cool, and the engineers at Hackrod believe that soon everyone will be able to print their own dream car with the help of 3D printing. And of course the technologies that are currently being developed at Hackrod. The prototypical 'La Bandita' is intended to present to the world an as yet unknown, ultramodern car manufacturing technique. Every prototyping process is connected with modern technology. The design of the car was done with help virtual reality, where the learner added her own artificial intelligence. In the end, 3D printing made a final and tangible 'flesh and blood' image possible.

Otherwise, hand on heart, what else could you expect from the slightly eccentric management of Hackrod? If they are among them film director and aerospace engineer, brought together by their love of driving and cars, it's hard to expect anything other than a bunch of science fiction, modern technology and barely real products. You can pre-order your 'La Bandita' on Hackrod's website, and with each of them they will take your wishes into account so you too can have your own dream car.

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