Head, belly, hands: these are the parts of the body that reveal how smart you are - or not

It's not just your brain that discovers how intelligent you are!

Think you're smart? Well, let's see what they discover about it four characteristics of your body – the hand you write with, your height, the size of your head and your stomach!

The left hand is dominant

If your left hand is dominant, it does not mean that you are a genius, but it is very possible that you have some advantages over others.

A smaller one was thus carried out in Athens research, in which 100 students participated, half of whom were right-handed and half left-handed. In the research, they completed two cognitive tests. One asked the respondents to draw a track as quickly as possible after the painted circles, and the other asked for skills in sequences and numbers. In both tests, lefties performed better, suggesting that they should have better working memory and mental flexibility.

Some experts believe that these cognitive abilities are present in left-handed people because they can use both the left and right sides of the brain to process information much more easily.


A study, conducted at Brown and Princeton universities, came up with results that say yes taller people earn more in life than their shorter counterparts because they are smarter!

The authors of the study collected data on people born between 1958 and 1970, dating from birth to the day of the survey - height, weight, intelligence, education and salary. The results showed that people who were already tall as children did much better on cognitive tests. In addition, they are more likely to have held higher-paying positions that require a person to have higher intelligence and highly developed verbal and numerical skills.

Scientists are still not entirely clear how this is related to a person's intelligence, but they assume that genetics or proper upbringing at a young age play a very important role.

Big head

No one wants to be labeled as having a big head, but the fact is that it can make you smarter.

A study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, studied the cognitive and physical abilities of 500,000 people while also looking at their blood, saliva and urine. In the results, they state that those who had a big head as children achieved better results in verbal-numerical tests and the chances are that today these people have university education.

Scientists believe that more research is needed for more accurate results to better study the genetic mechanism and link it to these and similar results.

Big stomach

A high percentage of belly fat will definitely be negative affected almost every aspect of health – from high blood pressure to heart health, as well as cognitive function.

In a five-year study, scientists followed 2,200 people. All respondents who had a body mass index of 20 or less were able to remember 56 percent of the items on the vocabulary test, while those who had a higher body mass index, i.e. were (over)obese, remembered around 44 percent vocabulary. In addition, after five years, when they were called back for a retest, the obese people remembered only 37.5 percent of the vocabulary on the test.

dr. Maxime Cournot, the author of the study, believes that hormones in these people also affect damage to cells in the brain. "It is known that obesity is dangerous for the health of the heart and blood vessels, as it affects the formation of plaque in the blood vessels, and the same can happen to the arteries in the brain," he adds.

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