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Immersion in the fictional world of series and movies bring a complete escape from the everyday and discover completely new worlds. Technological innovations, however, enrich this experience more and more and make it more exciting than ever before.

Whether you are an adventurer, eager to constantly discover new worlds, discover historical facts, or just want to relax at the end of an exciting day, a projector will provide you with a unique projection experience The Freestyle 2nd generation. It delivers high-quality picture and sound wherever you place it, allowing you to turn any room into a real small personal cinema.

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This projector is ready to accompany you every step of the way, giving you a luxurious home theater feel, even when you're on the go or on vacation in a mountain cabin, for example.

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Compact design for easy portability

The second generation of The Freestyle projector impresses with its compact and portable design. It fits easily into any backpack or bag, making it the ideal partner for all your travel adventures. With a portable stand and wireless connectivity, setting up a projection has never been easier.

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Whether you are at home, with friends or in the mountains, this smart projector is always ready to create a unique cinema ambience. Thanks to its innovative features and practicality, you can easily take it with you on every trip and enjoy moments on the big screen and superb sound - anytime, anywhere. This is also confirmed by the awards of selected professional magazines Expert Reviews and Trusted Reviews.

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Top picture and sound quality

The 2nd generation Freestyle projects superior picture quality in Full HD resolution, ensuring you don't miss even the smallest detail in your favorite movies and TV shows. The projection can be as large as an astonishing 254 centimeters.

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Every scene comes to life before your eyes with realistic colors, depth and sharpness, creating a true cinematic experience in the comfort of your room. Thanks to the powerful built-in speaker that plays 360-degree sound, you will be completely immersed in a unique cinema experience wherever you are.

Versatility of connectivity

In addition to exceptional picture and sound quality, The Freestyle 2nd generation also has practical features that make your enjoyment of your favorite content even more enjoyable. You can easily connect it to your smart devices via Bluetooth or the SmartThings app, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content directly from your phone or other mobile device.

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Connecting becomes even easier thanks to the Tap View function, which allows you to mirror content on the projector screen with one touch of your smartphone and enjoy your favorite content even faster.

Automatic adjustment

The smart features of The Freestyle 2nd generation projector meet all your needs and easily adapt to the conditions in which you want to watch your favorite content. Thanks to the automatic focus and leveling of the image, the image of the projector automatically adapts to even the most demanding surfaces, everything from a stone wall in a mountain hut or an attic ceiling.

Photo: Samsung

The 2nd generation The Freestyle projector offers the opportunity to turn viewing content into true cinematic experiences. With superior image and sound quality, smart features, portability and easy installation, this smart projector becomes your best companion. Whether you're a die-hard movie buff or just looking to spice up your evenings, the second-generation The Freestyle will let you experience your favorite content in a whole new way.

Photo: Samsung

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