Horoscope for April 2023: surrender to your passion and intuition

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What does the horoscope predict for April 2023? In April, indulge your passion, desire and intuition. Above all, live in the moment this month. Find your courage. Become a pioneer in the next phase of your life. You are full of stardust.

We can't wait for you to read horoscope for april 2023. April is going to be a pretty wild month, especially as we enter eclipse season. It's also the last month we have a period without retrograde planetary energy - so make sure everything you can starts, connects or starts happening before April 21st. Then some form of retrograde energy will be present throughout the year, which will slow us down and force us to dance with the past.

However, this month also marks one of the most magical times of the year, as On April 11, the Sun and Jupiter unite, which will bring the famous "the happiest day of the year". During this time, plan something memorable and important, especially regarding new beginnings.

The month begins with Mercury moving into stubborn Taurus on April 3rd. Expect to feel more sane, grounded and mentally resilient. Tensions will rise on April 6, when the full moon in Libra encourages you to resolve heated disagreements and regain inner peace. To get along with others, you will need to calmly assert your opinion without triggering their insecurities. Venus moves through social Gemini on April 11, boosting your social circle and love.

On April 20, the Sun will travel through Taurus, creating a determined and hard-working energy. This will encourage you to persevere through challenges and maintain consistent self-care rituals as an act of self-love.

On the same day, a solar eclipse in Aries brings a dramatic new beginning, where you will find yourself more confident and in a better position than you were at this time last month. Mercury's serious retrograde in Taurus begins on April 21st. This frustrating energy will test your patience and remind you to always have a backup plan.

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Aries (horoscope for April 2023)

The drama in your closest relationships will test your ability to stay calm and not take things so personally. Keep the peace with your loved ones by making compromises and resisting your urge to be stubborn and fight. This short disruption will not prevent you from achieving your big personal goals and ambitions, as the solar eclipse will magnetize your zodiac sign. Continue to work on yourself, strengthen your inner strength and push yourself towards your dreams.

Taurus (horoscope for April 2023)

This month you need to face challenges calmly and stick to the facts. Be a team player – especially in work-related circumstances – and believe that you don't need to take control to solve every situation. As your season begins on April 20, reflect on how your attitudes and values have changed over the past year. As your interests develop, so will the path you take in life. Try not to resist this diversion.

Gemini (horoscope for April 2023)

Stick to your plans, even if it looks like you are far from achieving your goals and dreams. Your mental stamina and determination to overcome obstacles will soon pay off and your wishes will come true. Instead of jumping to your next ambition, take some time to rest, recharge and reflect on this intense journey. Starting with the rising of Taurus season on April 20, you'll be more focused on taking care of your mental health.

Cancer (horoscope for April 2023)

Cancer, it's best to rely on facts and evidence instead of what you've seen and heard on social media. Make up your own mind and trust your instincts instead of blindly believing what others tell you. The hard work you put into your career will slowly show in promotions and recognition. However, Mercury retrograde on April 21 will cause you to reconsider where you are headed and whether you have the right friends and mentors around you to help you grow.

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Use the time this month to catch up with old and new friends. Every social engagement is a networking opportunity; you can make a valuable connection through a mutual friend, so be charming to everyone you meet and ask people questions about themselves. Tensions may rise during the solar eclipse on April 20. Be a mediator instead of taking sides during heated conversations and use your balanced logic to illuminate the truth.

A virgin

Be open when faced with opportunities to learn from someone who has more knowledge and experience than you. Whether you're picking up a book to learn a new skill or asking someone for advice, there's no shame in being a learner instead of a teacher. As your social life ramps up, remember that it's okay to leave the venue early when you're overwhelmed or tired – don't overdo it when you know you'd rather be home!


Allow space for your loved ones to express their frustrations and concerns, but remember to maintain your boundaries, Libra. Set the standard that you deserve to always be spoken to with respect. Expect to engage in inspiring conversations that impact your values and belief system. You may be surprised by who you form a deep, intellectual connection with based on your shared philosophies and outlook.


Your relationship will be the center of attention, work on building safety, trust and intimacy with your partner. Pamper your loved ones with time and attention and take the lead in planning romantic dates. Avoid drama in all areas, luck is on your side.

Everything will be as it should be. Photo: Alexey Turenkov/Unsplash


Don't lose trust if you don't get along with the person you were on a date with, stay friendly with them. This April you will have more opportunities for romantic dates, perhaps flirting will reignite the spark in your existing relationships. Re-prioritize and restructure your daily routines to ensure your time and energy are well spent.


In April, speak from the heart and choose your words carefully. Saying something harsh in the heat of the moment can cause irreparable damage to your reputation. As the month progresses, you will gain more satisfaction from being busy with your work and priorities. Whether you're running errands, at the gym, or hanging out with coworkers, make an effort to connect with others over shared interests. You can never have too many friends.


Aquarius, this month is all about connecting with your needs and interests. Pour your heart into a new passion project and enjoy the spotlight while potential romantic interests vie for your attention. Even with good intentions, it is possible to get carried away by your own thoughts and experiences. Work to broaden your perspective, avoid arguments, and play with the idea that you may not know as much as you think.


This month you will notice the positive effects of previous changes you made in your daily routine. But avoid limiting yourself to rigid patterns in the hope of being productive; you will thrive when you have room for creativity and spontaneity. Expect to feel more confident when you communicate your ideas clearly and use good judgment. However, remember that Mercury retrograde on April 21 can cause frustration if there are inexplicable errors and delays. Don't be too hard on yourself.

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