How to arrange a home office that you will be happy to return to?

A home office is a space that should inspire you and enable you to perform work tasks efficiently. If you don't want this to be one of the more neglected corners of the apartment, where all the junk accumulates, now is your chance to change that! How to organize your home writing so that you will be happy to return to it?

Although most people work from a traditional work environment, there are some 2018 research showed that the percentage of those who work from home should be more productive – 65 % respondents (out of 3000 participants) trusted that work from home more efficiently, because they are said to have fewer distractions (75 %), less contact with colleagues (74 %), limited stress from commuting to and from work (71 %) and minimal office politics (65 %).

Half of the respondents who otherwise do not work from home say that they would improved the quality of their lives, if one day they would work from home, which is why 97 % participants also think that they no longer want to work in a traditional environment in the future, because this way of working does not provide flexibility.

Working from home has many advantages!
Working from home has many advantages!

If you're in that percentage of people who work from home, then you know it is home office extremely important for the efficient performance of obligations. It is true that this is not a necessary element of your home, because after all you can do the work from your bed or from the kitchen table, but it is still important to keep certain order. You probably know that it often happens that you forget to eat, brush your teeth or change out of your pajamas because the first thing you do in the morning is to open the computer and continue working, and as a result you work more than you should, and you gradually lose your sense of space, time and social life.

A corner for working at home is therefore really important, so be sure to read how to arrange a home office that will be efficiently but cheaply arranged, and will be a place where you will be happy to return. Your social life will also take on new, better dimensions.

How to organize your home office:

What should you pay attention to when arranging your home office?

1. think carefully where in the apartment would you place the office. Be aware that you do not need a lot of space, but it is important that the latter is used properly. Place your corner somewhere where you will be have peace.

It is also important to consider when setting up your home office natural light – the latter affects the biological clock and consequently on productivity (poor lighting affects eye fatigue, which leads to further problems such as headaches and eye diseases). In one research they even found that light has a positive effect on general well-being, so they recommend placing the table next to the window (it doesn't matter how you turn it) as long as you get a source of natural light. If you do not have access to the latter, you can do the following things:

  • while working, use a table lamp or a ceiling lamp (choose a lamp shade that imitates natural light) hanging directly above the desk;
  • do not overdo it with decorations, because they will "close" the room even more and make it dark;
  • the walls and accessories should be white, which optically brightens the room.

2. Before you start gathering ideas and shopping for the things you need to decorate your home office, consider what style of interior design do you like? – is it an industrial, minimalist or artistic style? On this one Web site you can find different types of interior decoration, read about the differences between them and decide what you would like at home and what fits best with the rest of the room.

3. It is not so important which style of interior design you choose, it is more important that you follow some guidelines for editing prosot, if you want space make the most of it and make it inspiring, unobtrusive and simple for you. What should you pay special attention to?

It is important that you choose a sufficiently wide table, so that the computer screen is at least a few centimeters away from your eyes and you have somewhere to rest your hands. Over time, it becomes tiring to look at a screen that is too close, and it also damages your eyes. It should be a table big/wide enough, that you can put some other decorative thing on it, but we advise you to forget the idea that it is storage table – this is not a place where you will put all the pendants you have in your home. It's okay to decorate it with something, but don't overdo it with decorations that only collecting dust and they disturb you while you are working.

The table should be wide enough!
The table should be wide enough!

It is more modern if you choose a chair that matches the table and the style you like, but it is more important to your health, to choose a chair that is kind to your spine and lower back and consequently your posture. Think carefully!

The chair should be friendly to your health!
The chair should be friendly to your health!

If you can't find a desk with a drawer, buy a smaller one drawer, which, if space permits, place next to the desk. Put all the things you otherwise need while working in it - this way the table will always look tidy, it will be easier for you to organize yourself and everything will be within reach. You can also solve the problem by being yourself consider quality shelves, where you can place all the decorations and put things away for work.

Think of shelves or a drawer and your table will always be tidy.
Think of shelves or a drawer and your table will always be tidy.

As we have already written, don't overdo it with decorations, which can quickly distract you. If you know that the latter can be a source of inspiration, then arrange them thoughtfully on the wall (not the table), but do not overdo it. Let the wall decoration be like solving the puzzle – start with a few pieces and add another piece every time you find a new inspiration. Otherwise, it is recommended that, in addition to the accessories, you also place something to your taste in the room plant, because it will revive him.

Don't overdo it with decorations!
Don't overdo it with decorations!

In the gallery below we found some ideas, how to organize your home office, which will help you maximize the space, make it creative and friendly for work. We suggest that you stick to the rules when arranging your office less is more, because this is the only way you will be 100 % satisfied with the final result and you will work unhindered. Good luck! 🙂

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