How to create a good selfie?

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Do you envy your friends for their great selfies and are increasingly convinced that yours are inferior because you are not photogenic? This is wrong thinking. Small changes in how you use your smartphone camera can turn a bad photo into an almost professional one. How?

In the 21st century, the selfie has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. It is not just a portrait, but an expression of our style, personality and current experiences. With it, we document life in a unique way, as we place ourselves in the center of the action and add a personal touch to the photo. Smartphones such as Huawei nova 11 Pro, the new 11i and P60 Pro.

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Express yourself and create unforgettable memories

Catch the right moment: Choose a motif that represents you and will bring back warm memories for years to come. These can be family gatherings, parties with friends, work successes or fun moments with pets. Smartphones with a wide-angle lens also allow group selfies to be taken.

Provide an interesting background: Avoid boring backgrounds and find something attractive to complement your selfie. Maybe it's a picturesque landscape, an urban environment or an interesting shelf in a store. Experiment with different locations and angles to make your selfie unique.

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Consider the light: Too much light will overexpose you, while too little light will create blurry photos. The best time to take a selfie is at sunrise or sunset when the light is softer. If you are outside on a sunny day, seek shade.

Take advantage of portrait mode: Modern smartphones offer an advanced portrait mode. With it, you can simulate shooting in a studio, blur the background, choose different exposures and use the beauty mode to smooth the photo.

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Edit photo: For those who want to perfect their selfie even more, there are a number of editing apps available. Phones have a great editor built in, and you can find additional ones in the AppGallery. With them you can add filters, adjust light, contrast, sharpness and remove unwanted elements.

Control the light

Light is the core of photography, without it there would be no photography. You can therefore control focus and light in the same way as you do when taking pictures with the rear cameras.
1. Touch the screen on the point in the scene that is the center of your composition and you want it to be sharp. Then use the on-screen slider to change the lighting of the scene.
2. You can also adjust the exposure by holding your finger on the focus point and then moving the sun icon around the scene.

Photo: Huawei

Tips for even better selfies:

  • Use a selfie stick to make it easier to take photos from a distance.
  • Experiment with different angles and facial expressions.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with props and accessories.
  • Be confident and have fun!

By following these tips, you will create beautiful selfies that will capture the best moments and express your unique personality.

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