How to politely and effectively solve the problem when foreign children kick your seat during the flight

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During a flight, do you suddenly feel your seat bouncing, relentlessly kicked by the kids in the seat behind you? Here's how to deal with these and when it's best to ask a crew member for help.

You watch in fear who will sit in the seat behind you, hoping that it will not be some small passenger, because it often happens that children like to kick the seat in front of them. Not always. Not everyone! But everyone has tried it before.

When children kick your seat, it is anything but pleasant. Many parents want to keep their little ones as busy as possible, but this is often not possible. So how do you deal with the little "dinosaur" effectively and without resentment?

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A little patience often goes a long way. Parents are well aware that their child's behavior is disturbing, so you don't need to repeat it to them. Start by giving them a friendly nod, this will let them know that the action is bothering you, but if you want to do something good, you can start a conversation with the child. It's best to distract him with something else. Often, jingling keys or making a paper airplane is enough. Your parents will surely thank you.

When that doesn't work and the kids keep kicking your seat

Sometimes, even the bravest efforts of fellow passengers to calm the child fail. That's when it's time to ask the cabin crew for help. Especially if the child also climbs under and over the seats and constantly presses on the tire. These actions can endanger the safety of everyone on the plane. But it is not always easy to solve the situation even for flight attendants.

Photo: envato

Many flight attendants say that their response to such complaints depends on the behavior of the parents. If they are struggling to resolve the situation, they will be given enough time and space to sort it out on their own. If the situation does not bother them, the flight attendant will usually approach the child and try to talk to him, which will also send a signal to the parents. If not, she will also approach them and offer them some solution to the situation - an extra snack, juice or free activity kits for the kids.

A child who misbehaves on a plane can be a nuisance to everyone on board, including – and perhaps sometimes especially – the parents. By dealing with problems with a great deal of patience and kindness and contacting the cabin crew only as a last resort. Remember, as with all things travel related, a little empathy can go a long way in making things go smoothly.

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