How do we recognize that someone is lying to us?

If you think you'll catch a liar in his lie because he won't look you in the eye, you're wrong. Scientists from the University of Michigan have proven that this is not true. Liars are said to look into the interlocutor's eyes more intensely than those who tell the truth. But they betray their lies in a completely different way.

The researchers are in studies examined 118 videos, where they tried to identify the language and gestures used by dishonest people, and also included testimonies from non-profit organization Innocence Project, which deals with the legal affairs of innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted. About half of the recordings were from court trials, and the other half from YouTube (videos with people giving their opinions about movies). In this way, the researchers found out who lied in court and who lied in YouTube videos (namely, they are people asked about movies, which never existed).

Those who lied are in the majority more winged with hands, have more intense eye contact, they nodded their heads and frowned several times. When the researchers listened to the audio, they found that liars say more than once "am" and use pronouns that distance them from actions such as "he", "she" and no "me" or "we".

Pay attention to the hand gestures that reveal who is lying to you
Pay attention to the hand gestures that reveal who is lying to you

Some truth-tellers also used the same gestures, but to a lesser extent: 25 percent of truth-tellers also did so used both hands, liars used their hands in 40 percent. 60 percent of those who told the truth looked directly at the interlocutor, it did the same thing 80 percent liars.

So the next time you question someone's statements, watch the hands carefully! If the person will wing them, constantly look you in the eyes, frown and nod their head, you have reason to doubt.

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