Ikea's solar roof for your future

Ikea's solar roof for your future

Ikea and Solarcentury, an English company for solar systems, have joined forces and developed a battery to store electricity obtained with the help of solar cells. They claim that the solution should cut our electricity bills by as much as 70 percent.

At the company Solarcentury they offer 3 types of panels, namely Rooftop, Rooftop + and Roof-integrated +.

At Ikea they say that they strive to enable their customers to live more sustainably and economically and environmentally friendly. Given that they are energy sources increased in price by as much as 15 percent, this is the best time for such an investment. At the same time, the prices solar panels 100 times lower, as they were 35 years ago. However, Ikea's system is mainly intended for the English market for now. Houses there consume 40 percent the obtained energy, and the rest is sent back to the grid. With the Ikea battery, they will now be able to store excess electricity. This should significantly increase the consumption of solar energy.

Ikea opens its doors with us in the next year. Maybe he will develop something similar for us.

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