Smart palm trees are 'growing' in Dubai

Palm trees and coconuts are synonymous with tropical places, sandy beaches and deep blue seas. Add a hammock and paradise is in front of us. But if you're lying under a palm tree in 2017, the Wi-Fi network and the charging unit also 'belong' to you, don't you think? So now we will talk about different palm trees. O smart ones.

Smart Palm, which obtains energy through solar panels, offers something else besides shade. V Dubai, a place of business opportunities, are spread along the beaches and thus offer the image of smart cities of the future.
The 'Smart Palm' is equipped with 6 different functions, namely with access point Wi-Fi , security cameras, solar panels, info photo, advertising screen and charging device, which charges the electronic device 2.5 times faster as usual. For now, there are 50 such palm trees in Dubai, and of course more are expected. For such a touristic and modern city, it is practically a necessity that it offers visitors and residents the most modern infrastructure at every step, and 'smart palm trees' are certainly that.

Which of our cities could be the first to get a similar 'tree'?

Gallery - Smart Palms in Dubai

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