A man with an iron will

You are almost hyperactive during this period of your life. What did you do as a child? As a child I was very lively and playful. I was constantly running around the fields, running after the ball, playing football, handball, tennis. I have participated in school competitions many times

You are almost hyperactive during this period of your life. What did you do as a child?

As a child I was very lively and playful. I was constantly running around the fields, running after the ball, playing football, handball, tennis. I often returned home from school competitions with a medal or a trophy. As a young man, I practiced karate for a long time - well, yes, it was modern then. Eventually, I outgrew it, and since I couldn't live without sports, I started to take up running more seriously. I competed in recreational races, short and long courses, marathons. All this was not enough, it was boring and triathlon came up.

And how did the journey from triathlon lead you to Ironman?

Until the World Military Championship in Murska Sobota some ten years ago, I thought I was a good swimmer, but when my teammates left me almost halfway down the course, I decided to work professionally with the help of a coach. I called a well-known triathlete, now coach of the biathlon national team, Uroš Velepec, for help. He prepared a training program for my first Ironman. This is the most extreme and hardest discipline in triathlon. In the race, it is necessary to overcome 3800 meters of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling in timed position and run 42 kilometers.

Many matches are abroad; Which country and its people have impressed you the most? Do you like returning to the destinations where you competed?

I have competed on almost every continent. The Japanese are very interesting. South of Nagasaki, on a small island, interesting natives live in unspoilt nature. even today, most of them are proud of their samurai decorations and clothing. They live simply according to their tradition. During the competition, they cheer strongly with props, namely kitchen utensils. They feed exclusively on raw food: sushi, live snails, mussels. You hardly get any bread on this island, except sweet pastries. They live very slowly. They are the complete opposite of the developed work in Japan. Otherwise, I prefer to return to matches in America.

What about us, which running and cycling tracks in the vicinity of Ljubljana do you recommend for quality training?

Asphalt tracks should be avoided when running. There are many good routes around Ljubljana: to Rašica, in the circle around Šmarna gora, which is a long route and measures more than 30 km, Golovec and around Tivoli. For faster speed, I recommend interval running on the ŽAK running track. The best for cycling is rough terrain, I mostly cycle on the route Ljubljana - Jezersko and back. I recommend Lake Bled for really good swimming training.

You train and travel a lot: how do the other family members view it?

Without the help and understanding of my family, which strongly supports me, it would be more difficult for me to achieve my goals. My whole family lives with my sport, follows me at matches, encourages me, informs me about what is happening on the track, takes photos. It is very nice when you are at the finish line and your loved ones are waiting for you.

And nutrition? Nowadays, doping scandals resonate in the world of top sports. What about triathlon, given that it is one of the most endurance sports? What accessories do you reach for?

I eat healthy, I sleep relatively much, I eat fat-free food, mostly everything prepared with olive oil. The way of eating is very important, both for athletes and for other people. I have always placed great emphasis on quality nutrition. Many professional athletes achieve good results with the help of illegal stimulants. Of course, doping must be separated from food supplements. I am against doping, because those who achieve a result with illegal means literally steal earnings and a good ranking from honest competitors. I don't feel the need for stimulants myself, because I do it for my soul and a healthy body. Since I mostly eat a classic diet, I am often in a deficit, as I consume up to 5,000 calories a day. Then I treat myself to food supplements, such as carbohydrates and proteins, which I get from the Maxximum Shop.

You are soon traveling to Hawaii for the most demanding Ironman in the world. What do you expect from yourself?

This year I did an Ironman America qualifier in the state of Idaho. Under very difficult conditions, where the air temperature was 6 degrees, the water temperature was 14, and in the face of strong competition, I managed to take the absolute 181st place and win in my group. With this, I became the first Slovenian to get a ticket to the World Championships in Hawaii for the eighth time in a row. I would be satisfied if I managed to place in the top 10 in the world in my age group in such a big competition.

Triathlon combines three very beautiful and healthy sports. In normal mileage, would you recommend it to all recreational athletes?

I think that ordinary recreational athletes can also try normal distances, especially shorter triathlons. All you need is a good will, a little training and a strong self-confidence. It is very difficult to overcome oneself, but when we succeed, success is guaranteed. The popularity of triathlon is on the rise, as hundreds of young and old athletes are involved in it in Slovenia. Get started and don't hesitate! Health is shared here.

And finally; what do you like to do when there are no trainings and matches, what else do you do? Which event, concert, exhibition did you visit last, which book did you read last?

When I'm not training, I mostly hang out at Cafe Monet, where I always have something to do. When I have some free time left, I also visit a concert, the last time I was at a concert by Goran Bregović, I also saw the Slovenian Impressionists exhibition. I hardly go to the cinema or the theater because I don't have the time to do so. I mostly read books about athletes, mostly on the way to a competition. Most recently it was Lance Armstrong's book It's Not Just About the Bike - My Comeback to Life. I really like to go to a good restaurant where they serve good fish. I like the Kongo restaurant in Motel Grosuplje. I often go to a bar in Ljubljana, but I prefer to stop where they serve Don Cortez coffee.

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Konstantin Preradovich

"To overcome oneself is very difficult, but when we succeed, success is guaranteed."

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