It is the friendliest city in Europe 2023: it has a low crime rate and a positive attitude towards LGBTQ+

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Wondering which is the friendliest city in Europe? We have the answer.

It was named the friendliest city in Europe in a recent company survey Bounce chosen Swiss Zurich. Although kindness may seem difficult to measure, this study managed to do just that!

How? The study ranked European cities according to a number of factors: from the level of crime and luck to attitudes towards LGBTQ+.

The friendliness of the locals is an important factor that helps to co-create our impression of the city. We all want to feel safe and wanted, but that's anything but easy when faced with unpleasant stares. The company Bounce prepared a study that ranked European cities according to the friendliness of locals and the well-being of tourists. Swiss Zurich, a city from the land of watches, banking and cheese, landed at the very top. The city earned an excellent rating in the field of acceptance of members of the LGBTQ+ community and, together with a low crime rate, swung to the very top of the ranking.

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Located in the heart of Switzerland, Zurich is not only a global financial center, but also a city that oozes hospitality. With its rich history, stunning architecture and a range of cultural offerings, it is an ideal destination for tourists who want to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Known for its efficient transportation system, multilingual locals and tourist-friendly infrastructure, this vibrant city ensures that visitors feel welcome from the moment they arrive.

Photo: envato

Denmark landed in second place in the ranking Copenhagen, also thanks in large part to the high levels of happiness recorded among residents and the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ population, while the third Munich, which apparently has an extremely low crime rate. They landed on the list Amsterdam, Vienna, Stockholm, Berlin, Prague, Edinburgh and Dublin.

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