KeepCup pots in new colors - the best thing for coffee lovers on the go

The fact that 500 trillion disposable coffee pots are produced, used and thrown away every year in the world is more than alarming. But since we are increasingly aware of how important it is to take care of the environment, it is time to take action - by faithfully using KeepCup pots, which have been present on the Slovenian market for several years, they enable coffee lovers to stop sipping their favorite drinks from paper cups. pots coated with latex, wax or polyethylene, which makes them non-recyclable, but from colorful and fun reusable pots.

Although KeepCup pots are primarily intended for drinking coffee on the go, they can also be used at home or at work, as they are an excellent solution in several respects:

  • it is undoubtedly in the first place care for the environment - the pots are intended for repeated use, and in the production process they do not require a lot of energy,
  • they are made of polypropylene, suitable for storing food and drinks, are bisphenol A free and toxins, and there is used pot can be recycled,
  • they are light, unbreakable, durable and easy to carry, they maintain the temperature of the coffee from 20 to 30 minutes, so it does not cool down too quickly during the journey,
  • cap which prevents spillage, is newly designed this season, has a drinking hole and a separate air inlet, and the opening and closing system is completely simple,
  • it is possible to use them in to most coffee machines and microwave, dishwasher safe, and also fit standard car mounts,
  • are available in different sizes (227 ml, 340 ml and 454 ml) and v various new color combinations, which are especially cute this year,
  • they have one-year warranty, and experience shows that it is theirs life span the least four years.

For even more demanding lovers of coffee and other hot beverages, the KeepCup company has provided s a special line of KeepCup Brew pots – these are made of glass. The pots have a plastic ring to prevent them from burning, limited edition KeepCup Brew Cork but it has a cork ring. They are resistant to high temperatures and are extremely durable. Because they are glass, they have an even longer life than plastic ones.

Another suggestion for a slightly different coffee:

Brew the coffee as usual, then add a pinch of spices, for example cinnamon, nutmeg, soak a vanilla bean in it or - for a really exotic touch - mix in a little cardamom.

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