Kvaern: an electric bicycle that can be charged with solar energy

Kvaern electric bike

There are already quite a number of electric bikes on the market, but we still managed to find one that stands out from the crowd. It has an interesting compact style and allows charging the battery with the help of solar energy.

Kvaern is a start-up company hailing from the Danish capital. You can buy it for 999 euros electrical bike, which, like all other electric bikes, you only need to drive a little. It uses an engine with 250 watts of power, which takes us from 0 to 25 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. The battery is nicely hidden in the bike frame and has enough energy for 50 kilometers of travel. When we want to charge it, we quickly and easily remove it and connect it to the home network.

If you are among the more environmentally conscious or if you simply like the idea of having your own bike charged with the help of solar energy, Kvaern thought of this as well. They have a battery pack available that has capacity 360 watt hours and is connected to the solar panel. So we can totally have your own mini power plant, through which we will be able to charge our Kvaern bike. A package with a solar power plant can purchase for 499 euros. Kvaern tried his luck on the platform Indiegogo and we are already keeping our fingers crossed that it reaches the set goal. The bike certainly has an impressive design, and the thought of riding solely on solar energy is an additional reason to buy it.

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kvaern.com and indiegogo.com

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