LEZÉ the Label: the last pair of pants you'll ever buy

LEZÉ the Label: the last pair of pants you'll ever buy.

LEZÉ the Label presents the first 100% sustainable pants tailored for the modern working woman. These versatile trousers are made from recycled bottles and coffee yarn. While they look fantastic, they'll make you feel like you're wearing sweatpants.

Every woman needs pants that are comfortable and at the same time she's in them look fantastic in just about any situation. We know very well that stylish trousers are not always the most comfortable. They are also expensive, but at the same time serve more or less a single purpose: work. LEZÉ the Labelversatile sustainable pants, are not only comfortable, but also they do not stretch, but the color does not fade only after a few washes.

3 the most important features of the pants are:

1. Moisture absorption
The pants absorb moisture through the channels in the coffee yarn and thus transfer the moisture from the skin to the outer fabric, where it dries faster.

2. Resistance to unpleasant odors

Coffee yarn contains ground coffee, which means that it naturally fights against unpleasant odors.

3. Wrinkle resistance

At LEZÉ the Label, a special solvent was used for the top layer of coffee yarn, which prevents the pants from wrinkling.

You can pre-order the pants at Kickstarter. The price is around 59 euros.

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