LG G8X ThinQ: the answer to the desire for two screens

While other manufacturers are still struggling to produce a functional folding screen, LG has already offered a case that adds a second screen to its phones. Here is the LG G8X ThinQ.

LG decided to upgrade its half-year-old G8 model and offer LG G8X ThinQ. The new model has for barely a centimeter bigger screen, and at the top smaller notch, which is now in the form of a drop. Namely, LG got rid of hand gesture sensors. It will not receive significant internal updates, as the specifications remain the same. The camera app will get some new features like say fast motion detection and adjusting the shutter speed accordingly. The video will get a setting option ultra sensitive microphones, with which we will be able to record very quiet sounds or ASMR videos for YouTube.

But the special one gets the most attention LG Dual Screen cover, which is powered via the USB-C input. The case is specially made for the G8X and will be of great help to those who like to multitask. The screen in the cover will be in size the same like the screen on the G8X. He will even have symmetrical notch, which is a bit of a funny decision. When the cover is closed, the time, date and notifications will be displayed in a smaller size OLED screen on the outside. Games will still only open on one screen, so the second screen will act as a controller. Like the release date, the price is still in question. But as long as it is reasonable and the case is added to every phone, then the G8X can become a very tempting choice.

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