Life Itself is an emotional narrative about one of the most important film critics of our time

On the movie screen, we will soon be able to see the extraordinary story of Roger Ebert, one of the most influential film critics of the second half of the 20th century. Life Itself provides a detailed insight into the life of a man who had a strong impact on the modern film industry.

Steve James, Martin Scorsese and Steven Zaillian presented a documentary in Cannes these days "Life Itself", which tells about the colorful and inspiring life of a world-renowned film critic Roger Ebert. It is a personal narrative that is a remarkable combination of seriousness, humor and inevitable sadness.

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When we don't know where to turn and which life path to take, it's best to press "play" and swim into a world that inspires and fascinates. For inspiration and the promise that everything is possible. The story of one of the most influential American cultural figures, who, among other things, received Pulitzer Prize for criticism, will undoubtedly be the right choice.

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