Liteboxer: a home device for rhythmically guided boxing exercises

Home fitness is gaining in popularity, so it's no wonder that companies around the world are opting for new approaches to exercise. One such company is Liteboxer, which introduced a home device for rhythmic boxing training.

Following Peloton's unparalleled success in the fitness world, companies around the world are scrambling to create the next iteration of the ultimate home trainer. Many have tried and unfortunately failed to create something "worthy", but one company has come relatively close, albeit in a different way.

Liteboxer thus presented a high-tech product for training at home, namely for everyone who likes to box. This is certainly not just an "upgraded punching bag", as it is essentially a rhythmic exercise. Thus, the Literbox has two different surfaces (one represents the face, the other the body), each with its own illuminated zones that they shed light on different rhythms and genres of music. In addition to the exercise plan, you will also get application, where you will be able to stream even more courses and exercises and through which qualified trainers will help you achieve your goals on a daily basis. The device will be available toone of the next month.

However, the price of this type of exercise at home will be too high for many. You will have to pay for a device with a trial period of three months around 1,400 euros, and then you will switch to a monthly subscription, which will be around 30 euros.

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