Movie disasters 2013

Read on to find out which are the biggest movie "breaks" of this year. We are publishing 12 prequels of those films that met with the worst reactions among film critics and audiences.

Despite the fact that most of the films had a considerable budget and boasted federal names such as Will Smith, Naomi Watts and Robert DeNiro, the listed films are a veritable collection of American stereotyping, blandness and unwatchability. Among them was the long-awaited biographical drama "Diana", which USA Today criticizes for the superficiality of the characters and adds that the late princess must be turning in her grave.

So, this year's "winners" are:

1.Getaway, earnings: 10.5 million $

2.Paranoia, earnings: 13.8 million $

3.Movie 43, earnings: 29.9 million $

4. Battle of the year, earnings: 14.8 million $

5.Scary Movie 5, earnings: 78.4 million $

6. The Big Wedding, earnings: 21.8 million $

7.Grown Ups 2, earnings: 247 million $

8. The Host, earnings: 48.2 million $

9. Diana, earnings: 7.5 million $

10. Runner, runner, earnings: 62.7 million $

11.A Haunted House, earnings: 60 million $

12.After Earth, earnings: 243.8 million $

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