Movie Trailer: Pawn Sacrifice (2015)

Biography of Pawn Sacrifice

Edwar Zwick (Blood Diamond, Love and Other Drugs) returns to the screen with the biography Pawn Sacrifice about the greatest American chess master Bobby Fisher, convincingly portrayed by Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man). All the paths of the film (read stories from childhood and youth) lead to the chess match of the century with the Russian Boris Spassky (Liev Schreiber).

Pawn Sacrifice is a poignant story from the time it was the cold war at its height and he is a chess genius Bobby Fisher found himself in the grip of two superpowers. He challenged the Soviet Union, and in the end, with a game that meant not only moving pieces on the chessboard, but also on the world chessboard, he ended 24-year Soviet dominance at the top of chess by winning against the world chess champion Boris Spassky.

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Tobey Maguire as Bobby Fisher.
Tobey Maguire as Bobby Fisher.

Although it is a highlight chess match of the century, the film primarily deals with the internal struggle of a brilliant boy from Brooklyn, with his genius and madness, between which there is once again a very thin line.

Info Box

Biographical drama
Pawn Sacrifice
(USA, 2015)

Direction: Edward Zwick. They play: Tobey Maguire, Liev Schreiber, Lily Rabe, Peter Sarsgaard, Michael Stuhlbarg.

In the cinema from September 18, 2015.

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