Movie trailer: Zipper (2015)

Movie Zipper (2015)

Zipper is a political thriller about an aspiring politician whose path to ultimate success is hindered by sexual affairs. It's a story as old as politics itself, but this time the victim of sexual harassment is Patrick Wilson in the role of a federal prosecutor, who has a meteoric rise in politics, but his addiction to female companions (read love sellers) could destroy his career and life. In addition to Wilson, the film also stars Lena Headey, known as the evil Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones, and Dianna Agron (Burlesque, Glee).

A political film Zipper debuted at the film festival Sundance, coming to cinemas around the world at the end of August 2015. She sat in the director's chair Must be Stephens, and he also signed the script, among other things Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan). The thriller begins with the theme of values that we as a society advocate on the surface, but are actually unable to fulfill. They mark the film as this year's She is gone (Gone Girl) as it has a surprising ending.

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Wilson can't keep the zipper on his pants closed.
Wilson can't keep the zipper on his pants closed.

Will the handsome Wilson (whose role in this case is characterized as Frank Underwood big screens) managed to cure sex addiction (a theme that, in combination with an attractive man, was already starting in the film Choke with Sam Rockwell, though Shame with Michael Fassbender and the series Californication David Duchovny) or will he continue with his own despite the threat of ruining his private and business life because of it sexual escapades.

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A political thriller
(USA, 2015)

Direction: Mora Stephens. They play: Patrick Wilson, Lena Headey, Dianna Agron, Richard Dreyfuss, Ray Winstone, Penelope Mitchell, Ray Winstone, John Cho.

In the cinema from August 28, 2015.

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