Never speak ill of other people: 20 Native American rules for life

Be patient with those who get lost along the way.

The North American Native American code of ethics can inspire us to make significant changes in our thinking and living.

Read 20 of their life tips.

1. Rise with the sun and pray. Pray yourself. Pray often. One day the Great Spirit will answer your prayers.

2. Be patient with those who get lost along the way. Ignorance, anger and jealousy come from lost souls. Pray that they will get back on track.

3. Find yourself. Don't let others control your path. It's just your way. Others can go with you, but no one can go forward for you.

4. Treat guests in the house with consideration. Serve them the best food, offer them the best bed, be honest and fair with them.

5. Do not take what is not yours, whether from man, community, nature, culture. You didn't deserve it or get it. It's not yours.

6. Respect everything on Earth, people and animals and plants.

7. Respect the opinions of others, their wishes and words. Never interrupt others when they are speaking, do not mock or berate them. Allow each person the right to a personal opinion.

8. Never speak ill of others. The negative energy you emit will return to you many times over.

9. All people make mistakes. Any mistake can be forgiven.

10. Negative thoughts cause diseases of the mind, body and spirit. Practice optimism.

"All people make mistakes. Every mistake can be forgiven."
"All people make mistakes. Every mistake can be forgiven.”

11. Nature is not ours, it is part of us. Nature is part of our global family.

12. Children are the future. Plant love in their hearts, guide them with wisdom and teach them about life. As they grow, give them room to grow.

13. Avoid hurting others' hearts. The poison of this pain will return to you.

14. Always be honest.

15. Keep yourself in balance. Your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical selves must be equally strong, pure and healthy. Strengthen your body to strengthen your mind. Grow spiritually to heal emotional wounds.

16. Consciously decide what and how you will be, how you will act and how you will stand behind your actions. Be responsible for your actions.

17. Respect the privacy and personal space of others. Do not interfere with other people's property, and especially do not interfere with what is sacred. This is prohibited.

18. Be sure of yourself. You cannot be caring and help others if you are not caring for yourself and if you are not helping yourself first.

19. Respect other religious beliefs. Don't force others to believe in your beliefs.

20. Share your happiness.

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