New series 2019 to watch this weekend

What can you do on a rainy weekend? You're watching the new 2019 series, right? We have prepared this editorial selection of fresh series that started airing in March of this year.

Series such as Game of Thrones, True Detective, Billions have already started new seasons, we are still waiting for new parts of the series Girl's Story, Stranger Things, The Crown. But to prevent boredom from creeping in while waiting for new parts, we have searched for you new series 2019, which you probably haven't heard of or don't follow yet. But we guarantee that as soon as you watch the trailers, you will 2019 series added to your "must see" list.

So what are they? new series 2019, which are worth following?

The Act (2019– )

Dramatic story of a mother with Munchausen syndrome, according to the surrogate, who needs her daughter to be sick all the time so that she can be constantly dependent on her. Mom is so convincing that even doctors believe her. But what will happen when the daughter realizes that her mother is not her best friend who wants to protect her? The series is based on real events, which makes it even more dramatic and fascinating.

Chambers (2019– )

Sasha tries to find out who the heart belonged to before it was transplanted into her. When he meets his donor's family, he begins to develop different personality traits. From this moment on, the story turns into a mysterious and psychological horror.

The Society (2019– )

A group of teenagers are mysteriously transported to a replica of their town, but their parents are nowhere to be found. Of course, teenagers use this opportunity to have endless parties. But this happiness is not eternal. It soon becomes clear to them that if they want to survive, they will have to find immense strength within themselves.

Gentleman Jack (2019– )

Anne Lister is a sociable and sharp-witted girl who likes to climb and travel, which is quite unusual for a typical 19th century woman. But that's not all that makes Anna different. She also becomes the first woman to speak openly about her sexual preferences. The series is based on Anna's diaries and describes the life of a woman so different that people called her Gentleman Jack.

Unspeakable (2019– )

The series is based on real events that happened in the early 1980s in Canada. Several thousand people have been infected with HIV and hepatitis through blood and blood products. The story focuses on two families, their hope and despair, their attempt to fight the disease and their inability to change anything.

The Enemy Within (2019– )

The main character of the series is played by Jennifer Carpenter, who you may know from the series Dexter. Her character, Erica Shepherd, is a brilliant ex-CIA member who is serving a life sentence in prison. She gets her chance at freedom when she is approached by FBI agent Will Keaton to help him track down a dangerous and elusive criminal he knows all too well.

The Code (2019– )

If in lawyer dramas the main characters are usually lawyers, in this series the view of this profession is completely different. In this case, every lawyer is qualified as a prosecutor, defense attorney, investigator and marine. Among other things, the series explores how impartial justice can affect friendships within the armed forces.

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