You have to drive through waterfalls on one of the scariest roads in the world

Slovenians often cringe at the sight of cracks on our roads. Even if we believe that the situation is not rosy, we should not be overly distracted by such things. Road conditions in some other parts of the world are much worse.

While traveling the world, we not only get to know people and cultures, but also road infrastructure. We believe that you have already convinced yourself that while on vacation in foreign countries Slovenian roads are mostly not that bad, however, as they may seem. In less developed parts of the world, almost impassable roads are definitely not a coincidence.

If you want to drive down a road that will send fear into your bones, you should go to Nepal. The one there mountain road it passes through not just one, but several two waterfalls.

Get ready to drive on a road like you never imagined even in your wildest dreams.

Despite the dangers that threaten them, the passengers in the video look extremely calm. How not, when they have extensive experience with transporting on the scary road. Regardless, we are sure that it is difficult to find a tourist who would hit the road without hesitation.

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