Opening of the exhibition Ana Čigon: Perpsektiva

The Alkatraz Gallery invites you to the opening of the exhibition: Perspective

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Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana
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The Alkatraz Gallery invites you to the opening of the exhibition:

Perspective artists Ana Gypsy 


on Tuesday, November 16, 2010, at 8 p.m.



The ideas that Ana Čigon develops in her works are linked to the position of the individual and her/his attitude towards society and social values. Thus, in them we perceive themes such as the individual's struggle to achieve happiness, notes and comments on the attitude to the everyday situation, the attitude to social expectations in connection with sexual behavior or perception, and a reconsideration of social values in general. In the discussed topics of her artworks, we often feel the author's personal involvement; As an artist, Ana Čigon also investigates and questions the position of the artist in the social context. Often in her works we can find a touch of humor, irony or even sarcasm, as she tries to use them to redirect attention to the possibility of a different attitude to life or to the situations in which a person may find himself.

Ana Čigon will exhibit a video installation in the Alkatraz Gallery perspective, reminiscent of one of her older video works One more kick. But the theme of the exhibition is not a continuation or a cycle, but the second derivative of the initial idea of the video, which will now be presented for the first time. The video, which was shot at the Alcatraz Gallery, is structured and edited in a loop; it is constantly repeating itself and has neither beginning nor end. At which point in the video the viewer will enter the reading of the work depends on the moment of entering the gallery. So the constant repetition of the video is intentional.

The structure of the video differs from the structures used by the author in previous short videos, which brought a twist at the end. In a video installation Perspective the story is built differently; the gradual escalation of meaning occurs not only in time, but also through the deliberate placement of the video being played and the constant repetition of its parts. Understanding the role of the two actors present in the video depends on the "perspective" from which the video is viewed.

The author tries to show different views on the individual's personal problems. Two people in the video, each in their own limited space, are fighting for their rights. Their situation is unclear, indefinite and abstract to the viewer. The video installation does not focus on the concrete problems of the actors, but on the limited ability to perceive the personal problems of the individual. Understanding depends on the point of view from which, as a viewer - an outside observer - we can understand the other or empathize with his situation. The actors in the video seem to constantly give up and go back to fighting. By gradually getting to know more and more points of view, we as observers have to define ourselves over and over again with their actions.

Ana Čigon completed her studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and enrolled in postgraduate studies in video. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Interface Culture at Kunstuniverstat Linz in Austria. He mostly creates in the field of painting and video, but also intervenes in other media. The medium is selected and adapted according to the content and concept of a particular work of art.

Actors in the video:
performer Blaž Šef
and Ana Čigon


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