OOmbrella: a smart umbrella you'll never forget

The OOmbrella smart umbrella

OOmbrella is the world's first smart umbrella. It is equipped with electronics in the handle. The umbrella from startup Wezzoo sends the owner weather updates for the area, notifies him if he forgot it somewhere, if he left it at home when the weather forecast is bad, and shares the data with other OOmbrella users.

An umbrella it is the world's first smart umbrella. It has a built-in handle sensors and electronics that provide the user with bad weather alerts via a wirelessly connected smartphone. It is constantly "in touch" with meteorological stations and notifies the user in advance of a possible downpour. It also shares data with other users. If you are afraid that you will forget it somewhere, it is unnecessary, because the umbrella warns the owner that he has left it behind. Which is really handy, considering how many umbrellas have we already forgotten in our lives. It also warns you if you leave home without it, and the forecast is not the most promising.

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A startup company Wezzoo there will be an umbrella OOmbrella soon submitted to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, where orders are sure to rain like crazy.

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