Philips 7000 series shavers - for a gentle shave on sensitive skin

The Philips 7000 series shaver enables dry or wet shaving.

They say that beauty requires patience. But this is not true for a flawless male appearance. At least not if you use the Philips 7000 series dry and wet shavers. With them, redness, itching and other skin reactions remain just a memory. How is this possible? Find out below.

Revolutionary Philips 7000 series shavers they boast with a special system of blades and rings with a unique coating, which allow flawless gliding over the face and, as a result, feel less skin irritation. The head of the shaver, which moves in 5 directions, perfectly adapts to the shape of the face, so no corner is missed, and the slits of the blade put the hair in the ideal position for cutting.

The Philips 7000 series shaver enables dry and wet shaving.
The Philips 7000 series shaver enables dry and wet shaving.

Because of the way AquaTec Wet & Dry you can choose between a comfortable dry or a refreshing wet shave, to which we add gel or foam to "taste". It is attached to the shaver for a perfect look SmartClick trimmer, which is simply connected to the device and with it filigree precise shape the mustache and trim the sideburns.

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The battery of the Philips shaver series 7000, which can be rinsed clean under running water, has an extremely good condition, as it guarantees 50 minutes of shaving after just one hour of charging, while fast charging enough for one shave. It is also worth mentioning the SmartClean system, which cleans, lubricates and fills the shaver with a single press, thus ensuring the most optimal performance.

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