POC Aspire Solar Switch: advanced cycling glasses with juicy light

Sports sunglasses that instantly darken or lighten the lenses with the help of solar energy.

Swedish POC presented innovative sunglasses that darken the lenses with the help of the sun. The special feature of these glasses is that they can darken or lighten the windows in just a few seconds. It hides in the glasses electro-chromatic LCD, which based on the amount of light changes the tint of the glass. Since the glasses need energy to function, they receive this through a very simple solution: solar cells. The glasses therefore never need to be charged, as they receive energy from the sun.
It's a solution, which would be very useful for example sports cyclists, which can be used while driving the weather is constantly changing. The sun can shine brightly, it can be very cloudy, or the path can turn through dark tunnel... The glasses will instantly adjust their dimming, and the user will never find himself in a situation where he cannot see the road ahead because of them. Sunglasses they will be available only in March of the second year, and the company will reveal the price in a month.

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