iReadyO Portable Radio - New meaning for your old iPhone #Kickstarter

i-Ready-O portable radio for iPhone.

iReadyO is a portable radio or iPhone case with a retro design inspired by Braun's TP1 transistor from the mid-1950s. It works by using previous iPhone models, which serve as a "tuner" for the case, equipped with control buttons, an additional battery and speakers. At the same time, it solves the question of where to go with the old phone in an elegant way. In this case, the second spring awaits the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S, but only if the project succeeds on Kickstarter.

iReadyO is basically just iPhone case. But when he pulls an earlier iPhone model out of retirement, so be it iPhone 4, 4S or even already iPhone 5 or 5S, changes to portable radio, but also listens to the "boombox", in our opinion, a portable speaker. The fact is that nowadays we change phones like shirts and even before they expire, and it's a shame if these super devices end up underground (read in the drawer) too young.

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Because of iReadyO from Kickstarter you can give them now a new meaning for existence, although they may not have the latest apps and their battery won't last all day. But it should not be overlooked that they remain exceptional devices that can do more than just stand up to others. And the iReadyO he put on retro look of the Braun TP1 model, is one such fine example of this. The iReadyO itself has some of this, which turns into a case when the iPhone is inserted "cloud" radio, which improves and amplify the sound smartphone.

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