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The Danish brand of shoes and fashion accessories ECCO has been famous for comfortable, high-quality and modern shoes for more than 60 years. The founder of the ECCO brand, Karl Toosbuy, established the values that the company follows today - passion, desire for quality and social responsibility. These are the values followed by Slovenian influencer Teja Perjat, also known as Cool mamacita.

When they are editorial City Magazine invitations to cooperate with the brand Ecco, this footwear piqued our interest. It seems that Ecco footwear is mainly known to customers of the middle age group and the elderly, but lately we have noticed that with new models and especially with influencer campaigns, they also target the younger population. This is a generation that has an infinite number of interests, ambitions, passions, and above all, it is searching "difference". Teja adds: "In my opinion, being different is extremely important. Staying true to yourself and following your own path should be everyone's goal. To be different and bold, to dare, to step outside the box, to do things that make you happy... All this represents the meaning of life for me. Judging from my experience, things that I got the hard way and with a lot of effort are much sweeter in the end. That's when I feel fulfilled, and that's the essence of life."

Cool Mamacita in ECCO Shape Sculptured Motion 75 shoes. Photo: Rene Knapič
Cool Mamacita in ECCO Shape Sculptured Motion 75 shoes. Photo: Rene Knapič

It's important to love yourself

Not just difference, but above all the desire to stand out, is extremely strong among the younger generation, the millennials. But standing out for the right reasons seems to be getting harder and harder, because we all are torn between the opinions of others and one's own morality. "It is precisely on social networks that there are more and more of us who emphasize how important it is to live according to our own principles and that there is no need to please others. It is important that people realize that in the end we only have to please ourselves. We are the mirror. And if we are happy with ourselves, everyone else will be happy too." adds Teja.

Cool Mamacita in Ecco Tred Tray W shoes. Photo: Rene Knapič
Cool Mamacita in Ecco Tred Tray W shoes. Photo: Rene Knapič

Sustainable fashion

It is mentioned more and more frequently in all segments of life the principle of sustainability. And fashion is no different. More and more people are advocating sustainable fashion. You'd rather be they buy less and of better quality, rather than something that is "hype" at a certain moment. There seems to be a community of enthusiasts who bet on quality and style, bigger again. "It's interesting how I change over the years. When I was younger, it was important to me to have as much as possible and as cheaply as possible. Even if the shirt wore out after one wash, I didn't care. Today, however, I mainly look at functionality and comfort and buy things that save me time. Today is the time I would prefer to buy. But unfortunately it is not sustainable. If I draw the line, in the end we even save with sustainable products. For example, if I had worn Ecco shoes when I was younger, I probably wouldn't have back problems today and therefore wouldn't need massages. As a result, I would save a lot of money."

Cool mamacita in Ecco Flexure Runner W shoes. Photo: Rene Knapič
Cool mamacita in Ecco Flexure Runner W shoes. Photo: Rene Knapič

Ecco remains in appearance true to himself and does not indulge in the "5 minutes of fame" mentality. Everyone we know Cool mamacita, we can agree that he embodies this same philosophy. "I have always been true to myself and always will be. I have my principles, my philosophy, which I adhere to. My parents instilled in me values that I mostly try to follow. Sometimes it breaks, but I'm just a person who makes mistakes and learns from them. And that is what is most important. Life is a school, and learning in such a school is a privilege. The point of everything is to grow, develop and never forget who we are and where we started."

Cool Mamacita in Ecco Soft 7 W shoes. Photo: Rene Knapič
Cool Mamacita in Ecco Soft 7 W shoes. Photo: Rene Knapič

For Teja, Ecco shoes don't just represent comforts, but also quality and aesthetics. As she calls it – luxury. "The Ecco brand has always represented a kind of luxury for me, because the quality and comfort I get for this price is at the highest level. And an item that makes my life easier and more beautiful is a luxury item for me."

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