The plain truth: true friends never leave you when problems arise

True friendships are rare. Thank you for being my friend.

Are friends there for you when you're struggling? Do they prefer to retreat to let the storms pass?

Sometimes you fail at various life tests and then you need someone by your side that you can trust. The person who is your true friend.

During times of pain and mental exhaustion, you can be quite uncomfortable and confused; then you need someone to hug you.

You need friends to support you in times like this. Some of them will tell you: "Stop crying, it's not the end of the world." And they will expect you to get better immediately. Basically, they want to tell you: "Don't bother yourself because you're bothering me. I have no time for your problems.”

You are not a robot that deletes unpleasant feelings at the push of a button and loads new, pleasant feelings in a second. Your feelings are not something you can completely control. Your heart is not a part that you can change in a second and replace it with a new, happier one.

You don't need people covering their intolerance with false care. They don't even try to understand you, they just point out your mistakes, weaknesses that show up in these times. You already know that you are overthinking, stressed, and you don't need someone else to point the finger at you.

You need someone who will understand you and support you through a difficult period. Whether you like it or not, as you work your way through tough and emotional struggles, you learn who your true friends are.

True friendships are rare. Thank you for being my friend.
True friendships are rare. Thank you for being my friend.

Only true friends stay with you no matter what challenges life throws at you. Many times, problems drive you to overwork or overexercise because you need something to occupy your mind, to stop thinking about the pain.

Anxiety can affect you deeply, and often you are unable to solve it yourself. That's why you need a real friend, one who will help you weather the storm inside and outside of you and will push you to move forward.

True friend is someone who will accept you no matter how confused and chaotic you are. Someone who will always notice if something is happening inside you. He'll tell you what's on his mind and help you when you need him because he knows you'll help him too.

You need time to think, forget, get over, process problems. Not every day will be good. Sometimes you'll have to deal with raging hurricanes to get through the day. These are the times when you realize who really cares about you and who deserves to be a part of your life. All the rest are temporary and not worth your time and energy.

Friendships they don't last forever. You have to invest in them. Never forget to be a friend to a friend when he is feeling down, when he will fall down and can't handle life, you have to be there to help him.
Don't tell him everything will be fine. Don't underestimate his pain. And don't be impatient for his fight. Be there for him!

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