Qleek - what will the future of digital media look like?

Qleek is an innovative invention from the design studio Ozenge, which converts all your digital data into concrete media with the help of small wooden hexagons.

You can recognize each individual wooden hexagon by its name Tapp. You can put your own on the wooden tiles favorite digital device, regardless of whether the medium is music, film, photography and the like. Tapp hexagons have become the physical medium for all digital information. Personally packaged in an attractive design, it is used individually on a special player that communicates wirelessly with USB on your computer.

The idea of the designer comes from the nostalgia of previous media, which today have sunk into oblivion with the advent of new technologies. Today we don't dub cassettes, we don't record our favorite movies on videocassettes or DVDs, only a few still collect "vinyls" and share photos in albums. In this project, the inventors renewed the tradition in a modern way.

The project is still in the financing phase of the online platform indiegogo.com, so let's support it so that it comes back to life.

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