Recipe: toast with honey, berries and... ice cream

Do you believe in the saying that what we do on the first day of the new year, we will do all year round? Then we have a sweet suggestion for you. Treat yourself to sweet toast with honey and berries for breakfast, which will ensure that the whole year 2016 will be honey sweet.

It's toast with honey, berries, chocolate and ice cream a traditional Japanese dessert. It is interesting that honey is actually rarely used, as the Japanese understand "honey" as sweet.

Of course, since we don't want to make things even more complicated, we have prepared simple recipe for toast with honey and berries, but of course you can also add ice cream and more if desired chocolate.

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Are you ready for sweet toast with honey, berries and ice cream?
Are you ready for sweet toast with honey, berries and ice cream?

Ingredients for toast with honey, berries and ice cream:

  • 8 toasts
  • butter
  • honey
  • berries
  • ice cream and melted chocolate if desired

Preparation of toast with honey and berries:

We cut out the center of the toast, so that we get a kind of frame from the toast. The center is then cut into 4 smaller pieces. Place all the bread on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and spread melted butter on both sides of the bread. Place in the oven to give the bread a golden color (turn the bread once during baking). The toast is then drizzled with honey. Take a plate, stack the toast frames one on top of the other, and put the centers in the center of the toast frames. You can then put ice cream, berries and honey (or another topping) on the toast.

You can watch the process of making toast with honey, berries and ice cream in the attached video:

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