Renovation of a three hundred year old house in Tel Aviv

The more than three hundred year old building is located in the ancient harbor of the oldest part of Tel Aviv. The owner had only two requests during the renovation; they should preserve the historical feel of the building and increase the number of openings with a view of the sea as much as possible.

Project authors, Pitsou Kedem Architects they followed the instructions perfectly and the result is a truly spectacular collage of old and new.

Thick walls protect the building from the summer heat.
Thick walls protect the building from the summer heat.

The most dominant feature of the room are the stone arches, which the architects decided to preserve and supplement with modern materials and furniture. Respect for the building's past is shown in the preservation of volumes and proportions, and the contrast between the minimalist lines of the new interventions and the softness of the old walls gives the room a homely feel. Large windows let in air filled with the scent of the Mediterranean, but at the same time thick walls protect the residents from the summer heat.

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