Research confirms: THIS is a great indicator of your prowess in the bedroom

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Have you ever wondered how to tell if someone is truly skilled between the sheets? Wakefield Research for LG reveals a surprising sign: excellence in housework. Yes, you read that right! As many as 58 % respondents believe that those who are good at housework are equally successful in the bedroom.

Forget the clichés!

Forget stereotypes like seductive linens and romantic candlelit dinners. The true indicator of excellence between sheets is often hidden in your living room – literally. Housework is the new love currency. Instead of focusing on classic romantic gestures, watch your partner roll up his sleeves and clean the house with devotion. In this way, he ensures a tidy environment and lets you know that he knows how to take care of the little things that create happiness and comfort. If he's as dedicated to washing the dishes as he is to planning a romantic evening, you're in luck!

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Housework as an aphrodisiac

A survey by Wakefield Research reveals that as many as 52 % Americans admit that their partner's involvement in household chores upsets them. Among women, this figure is even higher, as 57 % consider their partner's cleaning the house to be a feast for the eyes. What's more, two out of five respondents would rather see their partner cleaning than in a bathing suit! Think about how you feel when your partner takes the vacuum cleaner and cleans the apartment with a smile. This is not only a sign that he cares about cleanliness, but also about you and your life together. Attention to detail in the house often translates into attention to detail in your relationship.

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More than just a clean house

It's not just about cleanliness, it's about attention and care. Family therapist Allen Wagner explains that self-confidence in housework is indicative of self-confidence in other aspects of life. Author Richard Matzkin adds that a generous man in the house often carries that generosity into his love life. If your partner is able to notice and arrange the little things around the house, they are likely to be equally attentive to your emotional and physical well-being. See how your partner handles the mammal - it may be the best indicator of his true potential.

Photo: envato

So the next time you're looking for signs of excellence in the bedroom, remember that it's not all about the bedding. See how your partner handles the mammal - it may be the best indicator of his true potential.

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