Revive the love energy: Which bedding color brings more romance to the bedroom

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Why don't you feel relaxed or romantic in your bedroom? Have you considered that the choice of bedding color could play an important role in this?

Choosing bedding for the bedroom is not only a matter of aesthetic appearance, but also affects the quality of sleep and general well-being. Color and pattern bedding can create different atmospheres, from relaxing and peaceful to stimulating and energetic.

Adherence to principles Feng Shui can help create a harmonious and relaxing bedroom. Let's see which colors are the most suitable and which are better to avoid when choosing bedding.

Colors to avoid

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Although the color red symbolizes love and passion, it is also very stimulating and can disturb restful sleep. In the bedroom, use red as an accent color, such as for cushions or decorative items, rather than the main color of the bedding.


Black can give a room an elegant and modern look, but in large quantities it can seem too heavy and dark. In Feng Shui, black is associated with water and can bring too much yin energy, which is not ideal for a bedroom that is supposed to be balanced and relaxing.

Intense colors

Colors like bright orange, neon yellow and hot pink can create an overly stimulating environment that is not suitable for the bedroom. You can use these colors in other rooms where you want more energy and activity.

Ideal colors for bedding

Choose white instead. Photo: Campus / Pexels


Blue is a color that symbolizes peace, relaxation and harmony. Light blue bedding can help create a sense of calm and freshness, while darker shades of blue add depth and serenity to a room. The blue color is an excellent choice for people who want to improve the quality of their sleep.


The color green represents growth, freshness and balance. Green bedding brings a sense of nature and harmony to the bedroom, which helps to relax and regenerate the body. Lighter shades of green are especially suitable for spring and summer.


The white color is a symbol of purity, simplicity and peace. White bedding is a classic choice that gives a feeling of freshness and spaciousness. White is also very flexible, as you can combine it with different colored accessories that can be changed according to the season or mood.


Gray is a neutral color that can be calming and elegant. Lighter shades of gray are great for creating a relaxing environment, while darker shades add a touch of sophistication. Gray goes well with other neutral and pastel shades.

Maybe gray. Photo: Olly / Pexels

Beige and earth tones

Earth colors such as beige, sand and brown create a feeling of warmth and comfort. These colors are great for those who want to create a cozy and homely atmosphere in their bedroom. Beige bedding is versatile and can be combined with other natural shades for a harmonious look.

Tips for choosing bedding

When choosing bedding, consider the quality of the material. Natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk are breathable and pleasant to the touch, which contributes to better sleep. Avoid synthetic materials that can cause excessive sweating and discomfort.

In addition to color and material, the pattern of the bedding is also important. Simple, gentle patterns such as stripes or floral motifs are suitable for creating a relaxing environment. Too lively and complex patterns can be distracting and reduce the feeling of peace. Observing the principles of feng shui can help achieve balance and harmony in a room. By choosing the right colors and materials, you can improve quality your sleep and general well-being

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