Secrets of motoring: How Porsche threatened the competition and camouflaged the Boxster into a 911 Targo

Porsche published an interesting video in which it reveals how in the early 90s they hid the emerging boxster model from the public and the competition, masking it in the body of the 911 targa model. However, so that the public would not find out about the secret in the form of a centrally placed engine, the rear window was replaced with an opaque one.

At that time, the design of the sports coupe s centrally placed engines represented a lot exotic, so they are current 911 license plate modified by replacing the classic glass with one through which it was not possible to see that the engine was placed directly behind the front seats.

In 1996, when the model was officially presented, it was very popular good response from the public and also significant in the coming years market success.

This one a unique specimen just like the V8-engined 911 from the same study period today exhibited in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and are part of the rich history of this brand.

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