Sergej Polunin: Sacre in Cankarjev dom

Sergej Polunin provoked controversial reactions from the public in 2012 when, as the youngest principal dancer of London's Royal Ballet, he simply resigned after two years in this prestigious position.

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Japanese dancer Yuka Oishi is for Sergey Polunin and his fellow dancers choreographically revamped Sacre to a revolutionary score Igor Stravinsky. She sanctified him Vaclav Nižinski, the legendary dancer of the Ballets Russes, to whom Polunin pays homage with a great dance solo in pursuit of the anxious and sensuous primalness of primary male expression. The opening choreography Paradox unfolds the dynamics of the relationship between Nižinski and Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev, the visionary impresario of the famous Russian ballets. The epilogue summarizes the fateful threads of the biographical narrative.

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