It is really impossible to love her: a woman born under this astrological sign really does not need love

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Love is wonderful when given and received. It is that magical force that makes our world go round. But sometimes it's not that simple - we get involved in situations or with people who make everything difficult for us, and that's when we'd rather throw the gun into the corn. That's why it's good to know what astrological sign you're dealing with, because some are really hard to love. Which astrological sign do you love?

Astrology has been revealing the secrets of human relationships for centuries, teaching us that some astrological signs are more comfortable in love than others. You may feel that your partner is decidedly too dramatic, or your crush is too cold and reserved. Is it the moon's fault? Maybe. It all starts with knowing the characteristics of individual signs and their specific approaches to love. In the following, we will reveal which signs are like a warm hug and which are more like a solid rock - steadfast but hard to reach.

Grab a cup of tea (or wine) and get comfortable as we explore how each sign loves and how they sometimes end up on the "hardest to love" list. After all, love is like a garden - some flowers require more attention, while others thrive without special care. So which sign is the hardest to love? Let's see!

  • Cancer Crabs are like a warm hug on a rainy day. They love unconditionally like love is on sale. They forgive and are patient - true saints of love. This is a sign you can always count on. Cancer exemplifies what love should look like and how we should love each other. No complications and no drama, please.
  • Fish Fish have the biggest heart - you'd almost need it in two sizes! They feel deeply, are emotional and have no problem expressing their wants and needs. Pisces surrender completely, leaving nothing unsaid. They would go to the end of the world for the person they love, and without GPS. And this is a love that can only happen to us once in a lifetime.
  • Libra Libra wants people around her to be happy and satisfied. You would literally twist your arm for your partner's happiness - or lend it to massage your feet. She will do everything to make him happy. It's not hard to love her because they always love her back, and that's something we could all emulate. Libra is like a safety net in the circus of love.
  • Bull There is none more faithful and steadfast than the bull. When a bull loves, it really loves - like a Swiss watch, always accurate and reliable. He devotes himself completely to his partner and commits himself. He leaves nothing to the imagination, leaves nothing up in the air. All the cards are on the table and they always know what they want and where they currently stand in the relationship. Such loyalty is rare, so do not let the bull go. Unless you smell stability, then brave.
  • Aries Active, exciting, passionate - Aries are like coffee with a triple espresso. They put their partner at the center of their world, as the main actor in their personal romantic comedy. It comes first and they try to be everything to their partner. They encourage the partner, help him, are his support. Who wouldn't love a sign like that?
  • Lion No sign is as dynamic and wonderful as Leo. Leos are independent, confident and self-confident. That's why it's important for anyone who has a Leo partner to realize that Leos don't need anyone - except maybe a mirror. But they are really a magical sign and it is impossible to resist them. Everything they do becomes more exciting and interesting, so it's no wonder people love them.
  • Twins Geminis are known for their indecisiveness and dramatic emotionality - like a live soap opera. Although this is true to some extent and communicating with them is sometimes really tiring, Geminis love with their whole hearts and completely surrender to the one they trust and love. Sometimes that kind of love can be scary. But hey, who doesn't like a little drama?
  • Capricorn Capricorns are practical, efficient and hardworking. While this makes them reliable and excellent workers, it can also mean that they treat every love relationship like a business – with a contract and all the legalities. No partner wants to be judged on pros and cons. Capricorn must learn to trust their heart as much as they trust their head. Only then will he find true and lasting love.
  • Aquarius Aquarians are reserved and value their privacy. They don't open up to people easily and have a hard time letting them in. They are hard to read because they always keep their distance. Aquarius needs someone they really trust and feel good around. This is the only way he can fall in love and show his vulnerability.
  • Sagittarius There is no sign as impulsive as Sagittarius. In a way, this makes them very interesting partners who are never boring. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to calm down. They are constantly chasing the next big thing, the next adventure. They feel the worst when they have to be still. And it's not always the easiest for partnerships. Sagittarius will be most content when they find someone who not only chases them, but runs with them.
  • Scorpio Scorpios never know what they want. They oscillate between 'hot and cold', making it difficult to read them and engage with them on an emotional level. Scorpio can be very exhausting and that is why he often finds himself in single waters. Until a Scorpio matures emotionally, they are simply not ready for a relationship.
  • A virgin Virgos are the most self-sufficient astrological sign. They approach relationships from an analytical and almost managerial position. Even if unintentionally, Virgos keep people away from them until they can trust them. And such people are not the easiest to love. In order for a virgin to love someone, she has to break down the walls around her and open up to someone, which is not in her nature. Once he does, he's a great partner, but it can be a long road to get there.

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